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Corporate ideal

On the current society and economics in Japan, global perspective is needed and thus, corporations are now being confronted with finding the “power” to correspond to the various changes. Under this situation, as a trading company specializing in chemical products, SORYU has been utilizing ①function of gathering, analyzing information and market development, ②IT(information technology) and MT(marketing technique) and seeking functional enhancement, diversification and high-value-added products. SORYU has started promoting sales activities while aiming to become an indispensable chemical trading company to the times.

President’s greeting

Since the company’s foundation in 1940 we have contributed to at the beggining industries concerned and then widely community through sale and offer of many kinds of industrial chemicals. We are confident that our joint work with our customers by aiming at mutual prosperity on the basis of always “sincerity” have consequently created today’s SORYU. However we are not satisfied with the present situation but we have to take flexible and foreseeable action and have to appeal reason for our existence as real trading company under the managerial environment showing further fierce change. Not only we strengthen existing Sales Departments and increase its efficiency, but also we take positive start for new development and practice quick and flexible marketing. Further we improve internationalized consciousness and consider to plan exchange of technics and personnels through close communications with overseas countries. Looking at tomorrow of chemistry globally and deeply, we would like to build future, it’s great wish from SORYU.

President Takagi Kenichi


Company name SORYU CO.,LTD.
President Kenichi Takagi
Establishment October 1948
Capital ¥50,000,000.-
Head quarter address 1-12-26 Kyomachibori Nishi-ku Osaka Japan
Branch Tokyo,Nagoya,Ishikawa
Subsidiary company SHINYO CHEMICAL CO.,LTD.
Bank MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Resona Bank,Limited.
San ju San Bank,Ltd.
The Shoko Chukin Bank,Ltd.
The source of “SORYU”
Around 80 years ago, two persons each Dragon agefounded our company and named it SORYU(double dragons).

History of SORYU

October 1940 SORYU store was founded as a dyestuffs dealer in Osaka city.
October 1948 SORYU Dyestuffs & Chemicals CO.,LTD. was founded. Dyestuff and Chemical Dept.started.
August 1956 Nagoya Branch was opened.
April 1963 Shinyo Chemical CO.,LTD. was established as a textile chemical maker in Osaka.
December 1963 Plastic Resin Dept.started.
June 1964 Tokyo Branch was opened.
July 1968 Hokuriku Branch was opened in Fukui Prefecture. 1985 relocates to Ishikawa Prefecture.
October 1976 Chemical Dept started.
October 1984 The cooperate name changed to SORYU CO.,LTD.
August 2002 SORYU (SHANGHAI) TRADING CO.,LTD.was established as a trading company in China.
December 2012 SORYU TRADING (THAILAND) CO.,LTD.was established as a trading company in Thailand.

Overseas trading network

  • China
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Germany
  • Philippines
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • Korea
  • India
  • Hong Kong
  • Brazil
  • Taiwan

Dyestuffs & ChemicalsVarious high added value to the times and the public.

People's interest is now shifting from "things to mind"and"quantity to quality",and duties of colours in the life have become very important. Dyestuff and Chemical marketing dyestuffs,pigments,dyeing auxiliaries and finishing agents for producing apparels,bedclothes,curtains,carpets,towels and etc. as living concern,and car seats,car belts and others as industrial materials.
Particularly in automobile belts,our dyestuffs and auxiliaries occupy 70% of the total domestic production. Concerning dyestuffs,we are having high skilled mixture technique and new developments are being displayed making the best use of our original data particularly in industrial material field,and colorful scene being created by technical developments also for sports wear. We are making efforts to promote the new products by collaborated research with Technical Dept.

[Handling products]

  • Various sorts of dyestuff
  • Pigment
  • Dyeing auxiliary
  • Textile finishing surfactant
  • Resin for textile finishing
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Treating agents for waste water
  • Washing agent for equipments
  • Finishing agents for paper and textile

[Technology] As a pivot of technology from Soryu

Aiming to the system to meet with various technical needs for apparels and industrial textiles, our technical department having enough technical stuffs with sufficient experiences and knowledges, is trying day and night in order to enable it to comply properly and speedy with the various technical needs in diversifying and specializing textile industry. Our technical department as 「proffesional group for problem solutions」 is always doing their best efforts to develop their own hard and soft-ware of total technologies not only for textile field but also for industrial material field within our company as Chemical specializing trading company and to shoulder SORYU tomorrow.

WrapDeveloping every possible packaging and the materials.

Plastic become an indispensable materials for every industries and our human life. Especially, Packaging is so important to have an effect on the sales of the goods. Accordingly the sufficient and deep knowledge of every kind of the materials, the characteristics of the goods and the delivery methods considering the market needs and trend are necessary for serving the packaging to the market. We are doing our effort to serve our customers the high quality packaging and the materials that are developed by our sufficient experiences and creative technologies meeting with our customers needs and market demand.

[Handling products]

  • Various plastic resins
  • Various plastic films
  • ・various heat shrink films
  • ・OPP film,CPP film,Ny film co-extrusion,PET film,LLDPE film
  • ・various compound films
  • Processed plastic films
  • ・general purpose plastic bags.(OPP bags,CPP bags)
  • ・functional bags
  • ・various plastic film laminated bags
  • ・shrink label
  • Non woven fabric
  • Oxygen absorber

ChemicalsEndlessly pursuing speciality-fine-chemicals.

It is no exaggeration to say that every things surrounding our recent everyday life are made by chemical technologies. We are now dealing in various kinds of special organic & inorganic industrial chemicals,surfactants,processed pigments and adhesives,but also doing our effort to develop new fine-chemical products for our customers needs by our sufficient experiences and knowledge under the good cooperation and communication with our suppliers and customers. We believe that our careful service as a trader of middle standing and our dynamic working with our newest technical information will be sure to meet with our customer's satisfaction.

[Handling products]

  • General organic & inorganic chemical
  • Various kinds of surfactant
  • Various kinds of adhesives & binder
  • Pigment & special master chip
  • Various kinds of oil & chemicals for synthetic fiber
  • Various kinds of additives for plastic resin
  • Various kinds of sterilizer,deodorizer
  • Various kinds of waste water treatment
  • Various kinds of plastic resin
  • Nonwoven fabric